About Me

My name is Kateri Gill. I am an artist and elementary art teacher from Minnesota currently living in Jackson, MS. I attended Belhaven University and graduated with a BA in Art. My first two years as a teacher have been an education in itself. After a good deal of research and experimentation, I decided to take a Choice-Based approach in my classroom. It is my personal mission to hear out the potential ideas that my students have and help bring them to life. My dream is to encourage other educators to do the same in their own classrooms. Art teachers should look at the learning process they way they approach artwork. It is a process of trial and error that requires a process of brave responsiveness. 


  1. Kateri Tolo, I am so proud of you. I love you and cherish you dear one.

  2. Hi Kateri. I'm a former choice-based art teacher in my third year of retirement and I LOVED your blog!! You have documented your experience and your journey so beautifully. Your "studios" (that is what I called them) are so well organized and the artists works so fresh and amazing... I can tell you've got what it takes to teach for artistic behavior. Great job! Carry on!

  3. Hi! I love your blog!
    So I've been thinking a lot about switching over to a choice-based classroom but I have to be honest...it freaks me out a bit!
    I teach 9-12 grade art in a small school. I am blessed to have small classes, I have a cap at 18. But my kids do not get any art till they get to me. There is no art in any of the lower levels and many of the kids I get have no idea of even the primary colors!
    I do get to pretty much do what I want when it comes to my curriculum. I teach an Art 1- an intro to the Elements and Principles of art, Art 2- an expansion of art 1 with more choice and input from the student as far as project direction medium, Art 3 which is a pottery class, and a Fine Art class.
    This semester I'm teaching Art 1 and 2 only and they are mixed. I teach on a block schedule, have an amazing new classroom, and a lot of support from my administrators.
    I guess looking at your classroom, organization, and centers really have inspired me but I'm still not sure how this would work in my classroom??
    I want this and think that this summer will be a time to really try and make it work. What would you recommend to get me started?
    How do you asses your kids when they are all working on different projects?
    Doesn't this require a LOT more work for you...like multiple rubrics, etc?
    How do you deal with the students that really don't want to do the work and just try to "get by"???
    How do you create lesson plans when you have no clue what the students will choose?
    I have to create SLT's...right now mine is focused on the Elements and Principles. Do you have these how does it work with this?
    I'm sorry if I went a little crazy with all the questions! But I love what you're doing and like I said I really want to move into this!
    Any help you can give me would be Great!! Thanks so much!