Thursday, February 18, 2016

Community Engagement

 I found these images in an old hard drive. This project was an attempt to help students engage with the realities of their community as well as in other neighborhoods in their city.

Myself and two friends drove through a few communities that had been influenced by the work of Habitat for Humanity. We took photos of homes that were empty, not yet affected by the organization's work.

I brought these photos to my classroom and explained the work that Habitat does, challenging to think about living in a neighborhood that had empty, abandoned homes. I asked them to think about the things they take for granted, and to consider what they thought made a home a good place to live. Then they each chose a photograph and got to work using whatever material/techniques they desired.


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  1. I teach 6-8 and am switching to Choice this year. Our District is building all new schools, all but one of the current buildings will be torn down immediately as we move out of them. Your project has inspired me to take pics of our current structures, have students draw them as your students did, and then we'll have lasting memories of our original buildings. Thanks for sharing.