Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Assessment

As most art teachers might agree, there is never enough time. In my classroom, I have struggled to find a way for students to share their artwork and receive feedback from other students about their work. I have also wanted to create some authentic motivation for students to complete projects in a timely manner. This year in my older grades we are experimenting with an event called a "Critique/Share Party." Students have a due date by which they must complete at least one work of art and complete an artist statement about the work. Titles, artist names, and statements were typed out and posted along with the artwork in a gallery (i.e. the stairwell). At the end of the term students came to class, received critique sheets, and wrote about the work of their peers. To complete the event we had refreshments (snacks are a big deal to kids, let me tell you...). 

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  1. Great blog Kateri! The Reflective writing prompt generates lots of compelling statements I'll bet! You've got a wonderful art education program! Your students are sooooo lucky to have an art teacher who rocks! Warmest wishes! Clyde